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Unveiling Talent on the Pitch and in the Pen: Football Magazine and 3Kilo's AFCON-Centric Writing Pathways Project

Gone are the days of African inferiority in football. We as a continent find ourselves at a pinnacle time of our footballing prowess, seeing the spoils of the worlds biggest clubs benefiting from the sons of our soil. To put this in context this year, in the worlds most competitive football league, we saw an amazing feat where African footballers did the most in claiming the top three spots in the Golden boot race in the English Premier League. Mahamed Salah (Egyptian), Sadio Mane (Senegal) and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon)

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Football Magazine and 3Kilo launched a visionary project aimed at creating pathways for graduates to enter the sports journalism industry. Focused on the AFCON (African Cup of Nations) tournament, this initiative not only sought to empower aspiring writers but also added a dynamic element by immersing them in the vibrant and diverse world of African football. Let's delve into the details of how this unique project unfolded, emphasizing the impact on skills development and graduate employment.

  1. Purpose of the Project: Unleashing Potential through AFCON:

  • The project's primary objective was to provide a platform for 30 graduates eager to dive into sports journalism, with a special focus on the AFCON tournament.

  • By honing their skills in the context of one of Africa's premier football events, the initiative aimed to create a specialized cadre of sports journalists with in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of African football.

  1. Rigorous AFCON-Centric Training Program: Crafting Experts in African Football:

  • The selected graduates underwent an intensive training program that not only covered the fundamentals of sports journalism but also delved into the unique narratives, challenges, and cultural nuances associated with the AFCON tournament.

  • The curriculum included sessions with experts in African football, providing graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the tournament's history, teams, and the impact of football on the continent.

  1. Collaboration with's AFCON Coverage: Immersive Learning Experience:

  • Armed with their specialized training, graduates had the opportunity to actively contribute to Football Magazine's coverage of the AFCON tournament.

  • Collaborating directly with the magazine's creative team, the graduates immersed themselves in the excitement of the tournament, translating their knowledge into engaging and insightful content for readers around the world.

  1. Job Opportunities Aligned with AFCON Insights: Elevating Graduate Employment:

  • Five exceptional graduates, equipped with a deep understanding of African football gained through the AFCON-centric project, were offered job opportunities within Football Magazine.

  • Their specialized knowledge and insights into the tournament proved to be valuable assets, solidifying the project's success in not only developing skills but also in securing employment opportunities for its participants.

  1. Measuring Success: AFCON Impact on Skills and Employment:

  • The success of the project is evident in the graduates' ability to seamlessly integrate into the sports journalism industry, armed with a unique focus on the AFCON tournament.

  • Continuous evaluation highlighted the project's impact on the development of specialized skills and the graduates' ability to contribute meaningfully to the coverage of African football.

The Football Magazine and 3Kilo AFCON-Centric Writing Pathways Project emerges as a triumph in sports journalism, not only for its commitment to nurturing talent but also for its strategic focus on the rich tapestry of African football. By channeling the energy and enthusiasm of graduates into the heart of the AFCON tournament, this initiative has not only empowered a new generation of sports journalists but has also elevated the discourse surrounding African football on a global stage. As these graduates continue to make their mark, the project stands as a shining example of how targeted initiatives can unlock potential, redefine industry standards, and celebrate the diversity and richness of sports narratives.


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