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GAME CHANGERS stand up for change!

"To be a game changer means to change the narrative and reality of the youth from high risk communities. Too long have our communities been plagued with ills that the system has allowed for. We want to change that reality by providing access to information, resources and opportunities"

The Game Changers project, powered by Play Sport 4 Life has been developed with the intention of providing opportunities to the youth of Cape Town to increase their chances in engaging as functioning citizens in the South African economy.

South Africa has been found to have an extensive and lively non-profit sector which boasts more than 100 000 registered NPOs and an estimated 50 000 unregistered ones. Research shows us that in South Africa, NPO programmes are vital in developing communities in various portfolios like health, social development, public works and rural development to mention a few.

The importance of the NPO sector in society is often overlooked as many believe that these organisations operate out of their small corner of the economy by zeroing corporate balances. The main reason for this perception is because most NPOs operate in a manner that is not self-sustaining and they are hugely reliant on government grants or donations, amounting up to just under 70% of funds generated.

Shifting our strategy according to the trends of the time is an integral justification towards our approach to the Game Changers programme. The model will focus around ensuring that the organisation builds resources and functions in a way that is self sustaining and more beneficial to its beneficiaries.

There is an increased amount of importance and urgency in building knowledge of how employability skills are taught to those that find themselves outside of formal education spaces like schools and universities. Currently research relating to the topic of employability is largely prioritised towards looking at factors relating to graduate employability whereas this research attempts to shed more light the greater community that does not have the privilege of accessing tertiary education. Therefore, it is increasingly important that efforts look at development programmes which equips these participants for the labour market.

The introduction of the new implementation model hopes to stimulate and captivate a larger audience increasing the reach to beneficiaries, corporates as well as assisting to fulfil government mandated objectives. The focus on skills and skills development, diversifies the impact of Play Sports 4 Life allowing for an appeal to a much larger corporate audience, not only those who wish to align themselves exclusively with sport.

We will focus on both practical and creative transferable skills, which will empower the youth far beyond the classroom, driving employment opportunities and an entrepreneurial spirit as a result. These skills will be developed on a foundation of personal development and understanding the societal necessity of peace.

The model outlines various focus areas of development skills, which can be facilitated practically and creates the opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures.This programme has been modelled to create a pathway ensuring the beneficiaries firstly obtain valuable skills needed in the South African Market, have access to work based learning opportunities and then stimulates the entrepreneurial capacity in the last phase.


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