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Jive Culture Shock

Jive, together with Heart FM and Oddball Concepts, in association with YMA consulting,

bring you the second season of THE JIVE CULTURE SHOCK 2021 - 2022, a uniquely Capetonian online spectacle. The Jive Culture Shock is an online musical production that streams weekly as a series of episodes.

Pre-recorded at the Artscape Theatre and streamed online as an edited package, adhering to all Covid-19 protocols.

This concept was borne under the Covid-19 regulations in 2020. The arts and tourism sectors were hit hard as the livelihoods of artists, musicians and technicians were affected by the prohibition of live events. With the annual minstrel street parade and Malay choir events being hindered, people were missing these annual cultural events, and so the Jive Culture Shock was created.

Not only does this event give our youth (and young at heart) the opportunity to express themselves, it also gives the viewer a festive getaway from life’s Covid-19 challenges. With so much sad news, this production aims to give people an escape, even for just a while.

Last year, the main attraction in each episode was the competition between 2 teams battling to reach the finale, as each team performed minstrel and Malay choir songs.

A few changes in competition this year, with the addition of mentors, coaches and choreographers who will upskill and help teams with their productions, levelling the playing fields for them to put on a spectacular performance.

Cleo Pokpas on stage
Cleo Pokpas and the Jive Culture Shock team

We aim to empower the participants by implementing skills training on and off stage.

This year, each episode will see 2 teams competing against each other with a 20-30min showcase, a mash up of junior solos, comics, folk songs, dancing and more; a mini-cultural-musical if you will!

The winner of each episode advances to the finale with an added advantage.

All 6 teams will perform in the finale, as they compete in the English Comic and Nederlandse categories, to determine the overall winner. Winners will be chosen by a select panel of judges. Audience members will have the chance to donate a portion of their ticket purchases to their favourite team.

There will be a donation drive during each episode to raise funds for Fusion Inyameko Foundation as well as the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust in support of the Upgrade and Expansion of the Emergency Centre. People are urged to pledge toward this worthy cause, as every cent counts toward their R5-mill target.


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