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Urbn Kraft: Creative manufacturing

Young, creative and oblivious to the rules that were meant to keep them trapped in that little box, this is but a few of the reasons we were so intrigued by Kyle Inglis' creative manufacturing brand, Urbn Kraft.

What started as a garage hobby, slowly progressed into a side hustle and now with the help of the 3Kilo team we plan on taking this local manufacturing outfit to the next level.

Urbn Kraft is a creative design manufacturer based in the Mother City, Cape Town. They focus on producing bespoke items that captivates the realest of the real. Their pieces are individually conceptualized and handmade using the best materials, fusing culturally hot designs with a classic finish. Their builds are crafted to showcase timeless cultures with exceptional value to reinforce legitimacy.

Lifestyle creatives, innovators, cultural designers, breaking the norms of the industry. The ethos of the brand is based on a belief in the relationship between the idea, the kraft and the product.

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